Suitable: For All

Includes: One 60-min 1:1 session

Price: Rs.3,500

If you are interested in signing up for any of our advisory programs, we recommend that you start with a Quickie, which is a 60-min video-based consultation with our Founder & CEO, Priyanka Bharadwaj.

This session is as much about us getting to know you as it is about you getting to know us, and more importantly it is about you getting to know yourself better in the context of relationships. Although it is only 60-min, we help facilitate introspection at a high-level that helps set the tone and context for evaluating if further engaging with us will be fruitful or not. 

If it’s any consolation, most of our clients are good-looking, well-educated, good natured, confident and successful individuals just like you, and they start with a Quickie before deciding how they’d like to engage with us for a longer duration.