“Not only did Marriage Broker Auntie help me find my perfect match but also constantly kept listening to my apprehensions and gave me some much needed advice that has helped me make one of the biggest decisions of my life.”


I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Marriage Broker Auntie. Matrimony profiles reveal next to nothing, and often you end up meeting people with very low compatibility. But with MBA I was actually looking forward to meeting the person, since I was confident they’d been vetted by a person who knew what I was looking for, and that they were likely to be my “type”. MBA was available to talk on demand, answer questions, provide valuable suggestions, and was almost like a friend and confidant.


“I am engaged to be married this November. When I look back, I fondly remember Marriage Broker Auntie telling me “I have your ideal girl, so don’t decide on anything before talking to her” and I am glad I listened!”


“When I came across her Fb page and read some of her blogs, I was curious to know how it all worked. I registered with her and lo and behold the first person she introduced me to clicked. Thanks.”