Exclusive Search

Includes: Search assistance

Duration: 3 months

Price: Rs. 30,000*

*Does not include membership fees on any of the sites/ apps

Are you too busy to create or manage your own profile on various matrimonial sites? Do you find it too painful to weed through 100s (if not 1000s) of profiles every weekend? Do your parents manage your profile and struggle to find you matches because they just don’t get you?¬† Worry not, now you can hire a professional to short-list the right prospects. When you sign up for Marriage Broker Auntie’s Exclusive Search service, a dedicated professional¬†

  • Spends ample time to get to know you as accurately as possible
  • Continuously learns about you and your preferences
  • Identifies platforms you must be present on
  • Creates and manages your profiles on a regular basis
  • Sends/ accepts expressions of interest from the right prospects on your behalf
  • Shares contact information of a highly select list of prospects with you on a regular basis
so you can spend more time being with your soulmate, rather than looking for one.