Love yourself before loving someone else

Building a healthy relationship with someone starts with building one with yourself. A rich understanding and acceptance of yourself can do wonders to your relationships with loved ones. To get FREE access to this 6-week self-paced course, sign up now.


Navigating partner search

Finding  the right one to spend the rest of your life is overwhelming, let alone knowing where to begin the search. Through this crash course, we attempt to meticulously take you through the process of navigating partner search.


A one-off diagnostic session

Price : Rs. 4,000

Includes: One 60-min session

Validity: 1 session

A no-strings attached pay as you go service offered to help answer specific questions regarding your partner search journey, including an assessment of your matrimonial profile. Some people also use this as a trial session for the advisory program to evaluate comfort and fit with us.


A personal coach to navigate partner search

Price : Rs. 20,000

Includes: Six 60-min 1:1 sessions + Regular Email Support

Validity: 3 months

Navigating partner search while juggling a thriving career can be overwhelming. This service gives you access to a personal coach who will be your confidant and mentor through this journey. We help you in exploring and defining your relationship values, building an effective partner search strategy and developing the confidence to build enriching relationships that are right for YOU.

Why we do what we do

There are plenty of dating and matrimonial apps that offer you an endless array of matches, but how do you choose the right one? This isn’t an easy decision to make, but it’s definitely one that changes your life forever. You may get caught up in pleasing parents, friends, society or succumb to an illusion of an ideal life partner, resulting in you being extremely unhappy in your marriages. 

Sometimes, the fear of failure may hold you back from even trying. 

You may also be struggling to prioritise romantic relationships. and would like some support in staying focussed on this aspect of your life. You could easily discuss this with friends or family. They may lend a supportive shoulder, give advice based on their own experience or comfort you when the journey gets overwhelming and exhausting. 

But you’re not always spared of the judgement. Your family may start to feel frustrated and project their anxieties on you, your circle of single friends may start dwindling, you may no longer have an unbiased listener and your confidence may dip when you need it the most.

At M.B.A., we want to be that friend who offers a relentless shoulder, a mentor who guides you through the process of discovering your relationship values and aspirations, and a coach who enables you in making progress in your romantic relationships. 

How our engagements are structured

We only work with people who are looking to get married, and not the parents, siblings or other representatives. We do not matchmake or make introductions unless we’ve worked with you for 3 months. Also, these introductions are purely coincidental and totally complimentary.

Once you sign up for the advisory program, we build a customised program for you and schedule video calls with you every week or every fortnight depending on the pace that’s right for you. You will begin to see the results of working with us by the end of the second or third session itself, but we’ve only seen this happen when clients commit to working on themselves consistently for a period of 3 months at a stretch. This is also because we customise the program for you when you make a 3-month commitment to begin with. 

However, depending on where you are in your relationship journey, you may choose to consult with us on specific issues as and when you have a need, in which case you are free to book a Quickie with us anytime.  These sessions are one-off consultations that are pay as you go.

Questions we've helped answer

The right one

I am sick and tired of looking for the right one.  What am I doing wrong?

I am not ready yet

I am on matrimonial apps but I’m not sure if I want to get married.

Coping with my past

I compare everyone to my ex. How do I stop doing that?

Boundaries with parents

I am struggling to align with my family on when and whom to marry.

Career Vs Marriage

Do I focus on my career now, or get married else it might be too late? 

Never been in a relationship

I haven’t been in a relationship so I’m unsure if my expectations are realistic.

Am I okay?

I don’t like the people who like me and the ones I like don’t like me back.


Why do I have to deal with so rejections and so much ghosting all the time?

Don't want this anymore

I am tired of the search. I may be better off just being single.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please read the FAQ section. If you’d like to speak with us before signing up for the Advisory program, then we suggest you start by booking a Quickie, which is a paid trial session.