We provide personalised matrimonial advisory and relationships coaching services. You may either pay by the hour or subscribe to a highly customised 3-month package that allows you access to a personal coach to help navigate your relationship journey. Our advisory services are designed to help enable you in making one of the biggest decisions of your life without you having to wait for a sign from the Universe (or a nod from your parents).  We do not matchmake or make introductions unless we’ve worked with you for 3 months. These introductions are only coincidental and complimentary. 


Hire a personal coach to help navigate your relationship journey

Price : Rs. 20,000

Validity: 3 months


Paid trial session before you sign up for the advisory service or pay as you go

Price : Rs. 4000*

Validity: 1 session

If you have any questions regarding our services, please read the FAQ section. If you’d like to speak with us before signing up for the Advisory program, then we suggest you start by booking a Quickie.