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Includes: End to end profile management

Duration: 3-12 months

Price: Rs.6000/month*


Are you too busy to create or manage your profiles on various matrimonial sites? Do you find it too painful to weed through 100s (if not 1000s) of profiles every weekend? Do your parents manage your profile and struggle to find you matches because they just don’t get you? Are you too jaded for small talk, having little luck in taking conversations forward? Whatever be your excuse, we are here to help you find awesome people to meet, at the cost of a good gym membership. 

Here’s all the things we can do:

  • Identify apps or/and sites you must be present on
  • Create and manage profiles on your behalf
  • Make introductions to a highly selected list of prospective partners
  • Take away the stress out of meeting for the first time, by setting up first dates, if needed

Through regular calls, we’ll update you on what we are upto behind the scenes, and even mentor you.

*Price does not include membership fees on any of the sites/ apps. 


Includes: Six 60-min sessions

Duration: 3 months

Price: Rs.12,000


Have you been actively looking for a partner for over a year, but don’t seem to like anyone you meet? Are you struggling to figure out who is the right one? Are you being told that you have very unrealistic expectations, or that you are too dreamy for arranged marriages? If you are generally a logical person, who likes to make well thought to decisions, even when it comes to choosing a partner, then this program is designed just for you.

Over three months, together we will do the following:

  • Breakdown your relationship journey so far, to understand what has worked for you and what hasn’t.
  • Identify your core values and your partner preferences
  • Build a strategy (channel, timing, etc.) to re-enter the market with more clarity and confidence
  • Assess current prospects and meetings, and also help take things forward, if it makes sense to do so

At the end of these 3 months, you will know exactly who you are in a relationship, and be more marriage ready. You will be equipped with the necessary tools to not only choose the right partner, also be able to build a long-term meaningful relationship with this person.


Includes: Four 60-min sessions

Duration: 1 month

Price: Rs. 9,000


Have you just come out of a break up? Are you struggling to get yourself to meet someone new? Do you keep comparing everyone you meet, with your ex? Are you still hung up on your past relationship? Do you regret breaking up? Do you keep going over why you broke up or got dumped,  so you don’t have to start afresh? Are you struggling to move on and find yourself a partner?

This one month intensive program is designed to help you heal from your break up, and move on, for good. Over a month, together, we will do the following:

  • Explore, or simply acknowledge why your previous relationship ended
  • Explore why you haven’t been able to move on
  • Develop simple mechanisms to heal, let go of your baggage and put yourself out there again.

At the end of the month, you will be more self-aware, and much more open to newer possibilities. Sometimes, going back to a previous partner might be the right thing to do, in which case, we will help you figure out why this might be the right thing to do, and stand by you, even if the whole world thinks you are insane.


Includes: One 60-min session

Price: Rs.2,500


Just as the name suggests, it’s a quick and dirty one-off session. Whether you are

  • Tired of the arranged marriage process
  • Coming out of a toxic relationship
  • Already in a relationship, unsure of being able to take it to the next level

… sometimes, we all just need someone to talk to. It may not always be possible to share this with someone you know because you are afraid of being judged. As you get older, your circle of single friends usually starts dwindling, and your married friends just don’t get you anymore. It might be comforting to just confide in a total stranger, who doesn’t judge or have any biases.

This is designed to help you vent or confide in a non-judgemental friend, when you need one. This is done over a Skype video call. If you don’t feel satisfied after just one session, you can always request an extension. If you pre-book three or more sessions at a time, you will be eligible for a discount. 


Includes: Free Registration

Price: Rs. 1000/ date


Do you feel uncomfortable about putting yourself out there on any of the existing dating or matrimonial platforms? Are you concerned about privacy? or trust? 

Then, the Matchmaker program is designed just for you. You simply sign up with us for free, do a quick introduction call to allow us to get to know you better and forget anything ever happened. We won’t publish your details anywhere or share your contact information with anyone without your consent. You don’t pay to be registered on our site, we won’t call you 20 times a day to upgrade your membership or remind you of your biological clock ticking. 

If, and when we find you a fantastic (yes, good enough won’t do) person to meet, we will check back with you to see if you are interested. ONLY if you want us to make an introduction (post mutual consent), will we charge you for the setup. Sometimes, we even curate the date based on our understanding of your personalities, so just ask if you need help.