An audio series documenting the lives of happily married couples who’ve committed to spending their everyday building healthy relationships. Growing up, we’ve listened to countless stories that end with meeting your soulmate, getting married and living happily ever after. But is that all to relationships? We attempt to learn more, and to unravel marriage through stories of real relationships. Hosted by Priyanka Bharadwaj, this series is a collection of unscripted conversations with couples who’ve graciously come forward to share stories of their relationships, and how they’ve built it over the last several years.

A unique social experiment that attempted to bring back serendipity into online dating through highly curated blind dates. In the thick of the pandemic, a few hundred people across the globe from Melbourne to San Francisco were privy to this once-in-a-lifetime experience where they knew nothing about their match until they were on the date. Of the 100+ dates that were organised, 40% of them ended up going on second dates with the same person. Some of the members of Dinner Club continue to date even today.  

Love under 25

Gen-Z Love

Gen-Zs Love
(April 2020)

A research project to understand how Gen Zs fall in and out of love, what drives their interests, how nature and nurture feature into their many relationships and how they deal with heart break. The focus group included 50 people of different ages between 16-25 years. Of the many themes that emerged from these conversations, the few that stood out were: the need to be in a healthy romantic relationship, the effort needed to get into one and sustain it, fear of rejection and pain of betrayal and depleting vulnerability with increasing number of relationships.