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Social laundry

A few decades ago, we had limited information about alliances that middlemen brought in and we heavily relied on offline networks for social due diligence. It was usually enough if the bride/groom had a respectable public sector job with the promise of pension and you could call their office to…

Shopping and partner search

Like a Christmas dress is to a girl, a pair of everyday-strapped leather sandals is for a guy – a very crucial purchase. But there is a stark difference between the two – a girl is never going to wear her Christmas dress for another party, while the guy wears…


Have you ever been in a serious relationship?  Then you probably know that break-ups with no real closure is what makes most break-ups hard to cope with. You’re neither in them nor over them. This usually happens when one person dumps the other but the whole break-up ‘appears’ to be…
Love, and other arrangements
Dating apps make it seem like love is easier than ever before. But is it really love if it doesn't hurt?
Why faking charm gets you more women
Women love drama as much as men like to scratch their balls, so it is best for a man to give a woman some drama, at least occasionally
Relationship quotient: a science of love
We often underestimate the need to match relationship quotients among couples because they usually aren't as apparent as body mass indices or bullet points on a resume
Why the 30s are not the mid-20s
The older we grow, the more tired we are and the more rigid our personalities become and hence, it's that much harder for us to evolve in a relationship

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