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Everyone’s got a “but”.

You know how people say “Oh everything’s great about this person, but…”.  It is this very “but” that keeps people from being in a relationship already. The “but” doesn’t necessarily have a bad connotation in every case, it’s just some sort of a hang up (positive or negative) or impediment…

Valuing Effort

A friend of mine has been in a the market for a while and has just not been able to find anyone remotely interesting. Knowing the sort of women he has been with or fancied in the past (only counting the ones while he was sober), I think he has…

Parental Guidance

Did you know that over 50% of profiles on matrimonial websites are managed by parents? While most of my clients are completely turned off by this statistic, I think it’s progress. Despite pivoting from matchmaking to matrimonial advisory, I continue to get tonnes of calls everyday from aunties about their…

The Second Date

The reason Marriage Broker Auntie pivoted from actively matchmaking to matrimonial advisory is because every introduction is driven by pure instinct which is a result of several years of being in business but quite often, people aren’t ready to make the most out of these opportunities. As a result, it is very easy for…

Pivoting to advisory

The diagram above represents a typical decision making unit in Indian arranged marriages. In most of the western world, you’d only be concerned about maximising the region “A”. In India, we like to maximise A, B and C in the reverse order of priority. While matchmaking sites like Shaadi, Matrimony,…

Decision making unit

Marriage is a big decision. The composition of the decision making unit in India varies widely. Some people choose their partners independently, and some people jointly decide with their families. This disparity is caused by the transition our society has been making from operating in joint families to more nuclear…
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