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Partner preferences

In the last few months, I cannot count the number of times I have tried to help people prioritise their partner preferences through M.B.A. So, I created this framework which is meant to help people in prioritising their preferences for a partner. I am calling it the “5 by 3…

Matrimonial Profile

Eons ago, I was out clubbing with some friends and I saw this boy, who was swaying to some metal, with his eyes closed. He was carelessly holding a beer bottle in one hand, and carried this non-challance about him that was so attractive. That was his signal (besides the…

Move on

The biggest problem with the arranged marriage process is that it is an excruciatingly long process, especially if you aren’t lucky. You have to meet so many people before you start to see some hope. Now, the number of people you see is not something you can significantly influence, although…

Date faux pas (women)

When I wrote about faux pas by men in the arranged marriage market earlier this month, I had promised to write a similar piece about women and so here it is.. 1. Looks matter According to a survey by a popular dating site in India, the No.1 (and only) thing that…

Date faux pas (men)

One of the perks of being Marriage Broker Auntie is that I stay abreast with all the social faux pas in the marriage market. I get lots of dope on arranged marriage dates and pre-date conversations, that are both amusing and insightful. One thing I have realised is that irrespective of…

The thirties

With the recent shutdown of Mint on Sunday, my column died too. My dream of having a newspaper column on relationships was pretty short-lived, but lived nevertheless. Sigh. So I shall continue to publish my works here. A couple of months ago, I wrote that the average age at which people…
Love, and other arrangements
Dating apps make it seem like love is easier than ever before. But is it really love if it doesn't hurt?
Why faking charm gets you more women
Women love drama as much as men like to scratch their balls, so it is best for a man to give a woman some drama, at least occasionally
Relationship quotient: a science of love
We often underestimate the need to match relationship quotients among couples because they usually aren't as apparent as body mass indices or bullet points on a resume
Why the 30s are not the mid-20s
The older we grow, the more tired we are and the more rigid our personalities become and hence, it's that much harder for us to evolve in a relationship

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