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I’ve seen tonnes of negative reviews of matrimonial sites. The more people spend on them, the more disappointed they feel. While matrimonial sites are a great place to start your search, here are 5 things you must know before you get a paid membership, so you don’t hate on the product…

Negativity around arranged marriages

 There is a lot of adrenaline rush attached to chance meetings and serendipity when it comes to romance. But not so much when it comes to intentionally meeting someone with the purpose of evaluating them as a potential life partner. For someone who is single, and contemplating getting into a relationship,…

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We go from kindergarten to primary, high school to college and college to a job quite seamlessly. It’s hardly a decision we’ve to make, at least not in India where our parents pretty much take care of designing and executing our lives. However, getting married is a decision we consciously…

M.B.A. assistance by invite

Just as any start-up, we are always evolving to address gaps in the matrimonial markets, and to provide greater value to our customers. One such endeavour was launching the assisted search service on M.B.A. Assisted Search I assisted people in shortlisting relevant prospects through various matrimonial platforms, in order to be closer…


Not having your interest reciprocated on a matrimonial site can be very discouraging. However, this situation is inevitable when you are in a two-sided market. So, unfortunately, you will need to grow a thick skin to rejections if you want to participate wholeheartedly in the process. Now, once you expect…

Hobbies, habits and marriage

In the olden days, matchmaking was done over hobby contests – women were made to sing, dance or have their culinary or crochet skills tested during the “bride seeing” ceremony.  Most women were going to be housewives and had to justify how they would spend time productively at home while…
Love, and other arrangements
Dating apps make it seem like love is easier than ever before. But is it really love if it doesn't hurt?
Why faking charm gets you more women
Women love drama as much as men like to scratch their balls, so it is best for a man to give a woman some drama, at least occasionally
Relationship quotient: a science of love
We often underestimate the need to match relationship quotients among couples because they usually aren't as apparent as body mass indices or bullet points on a resume
Why the 30s are not the mid-20s
The older we grow, the more tired we are and the more rigid our personalities become and hence, it's that much harder for us to evolve in a relationship

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