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Stories of love, dating, relationships and the markets they are traded on
Tips, tricks, hacks and insights for your partner search

Breaking free from outcomes

I think of partner search like a marathon, one of the many we run in our lives. It is a long race to the finish. We are not competing with anyone, we are only running to take ourselves past the finish line. We need patience, endurance and lots of preparation.…

Expectations Mismatch

It sucks when someone you like doesn’t like you back. But turns out it also sucks to be liked by people who you’d never like back. Someone asked me on Quora why only ugly women send him interests on a matrimonial platform despite being handsome. So here’s what I said……

Well-settled grooms

Traditionally, men were the sole breadwinners of the family, so in order to qualify for a good wife, men had to have a good job. Today, men and women are both employed, and being employed is no longer enough of a qualification to find one-self a good wife. We want…

End of first date

In arranged marriages, most of the time, the first meeting happens after several rounds of scrutiny: Good profile on paper – check First few text exchanges aren’t too boring – check First phone conversation was pleasant – check If parents are involved, their approval + horoscope – check From here…

Best matrimonial apps

Until the 90s, people heavily relied on personal networks and local brokers for partner search. But once people started leaving their home-towns for education or jobs, they were less likely to find suitable partners within these limited networks. That’s when matrimonial apps came in, and improved liquidity tremendously. So, the…

First date conversation

This post was originally published on Quora when someone asked me what a girl and boy talk about on their first arranged marriage date. An arranged marriage meeting is quite similar to meeting someone new at a party. You would casually chat them up to learn more about them and…
Love, and other arrangements
Dating apps make it seem like love is easier than ever before. But is it really love if it doesn't hurt?
Why faking charm gets you more women
Women love drama as much as men like to scratch their balls, so it is best for a man to give a woman some drama, at least occasionally
Relationship quotient: a science of love
We often underestimate the need to match relationship quotients among couples because they usually aren't as apparent as body mass indices or bullet points on a resume
Why the 30s are not the mid-20s
The older we grow, the more tired we are and the more rigid our personalities become and hence, it's that much harder for us to evolve in a relationship

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