1. What does Marriage Broker Auntie really do?

Marriage Broker Auntie helps you make better decisions when it comes to finding a partner. Our society’s criteria for what makes a good spouse has hardly evolved since my great grandmother got married, and that’s why most of us struggle to find partner’s through the arranged marriage route.
If all the dating/ matrimonial sites are still designed to tell you about height, weight, degrees and salaries, how can you then see the signs of what really matters to you, so you can make better decisions? How can you go beyond what people are designed to tell you in the first meeting, so you can make better decisions? Marriage Broker Auntie attempts to answer some of these questions for you by walking by your side through this journey.

2. How does this work?

I am your very own personal mentor in the journey of discovering your “marriage materialness” to flaunting that in front of your potential life partner. I have deep conversations with you. I do my homework (read, I stalk the living hell out of you). Based on my incredible ability to understand people and using my hunch about you, I develop a customised mentoring program based on your story to help you make better decisions.

Over 5 one-on-one video calls, I help address different aspects of your matrimonial search from building your checklist (or tearing it apart if you already have one!) to assessing how your dates went helping you make better decisions on who to marry. At the end of our engagement, I believe you will be more marriage-ready if not already married since this involves a lot of involvement from your end as well.

3. How long does the personalised mentoring program last?

I recognise that every individual is different and hence, I carefully design mentoring modules based on individual need. I catch up with you once in two weeks over three months as I believe that is sufficient time for you to make significant progress on your matrimonial hunt.

If you feel you don’t have the time to be actively engaged over three months, then I recommend that you don’t sign on until you are absolutely sure you want to do this as you need to be as committed as I am to make it work.

4. I don’t need personalised mentoring, but could you still help?

Absolutely! I offer a 45-min paid consultation session that I lovingly call a “Quickie”, where you will be able to share your story in greater detail and I will provide you with a quick diagnosis and suggest some hacks on how to make your spouse hunt more effective. This also gives you an opportunity to decide if you would like to register for my “Guided spouse-hunt” service.

5. Do you matchmake?

No, I don’t matchmake.

6. When should I sign up with Marriage Broker Auntie?

If you (or your family) have been actively looking for a partner for a year or more, but for some unknown reason(s), it’s just not been working out, you should most definitely reach out to me because I help make your matrimonial hunt more effective so you can spend more time being married to the love of your life than looking for him/ her.

7. Will I get my money back if I don’t find a partner after being mentored?

Unfortunately not. The discoveries you make about yourself over these 3 months stay with you and no one can take that away.