Yes, absolutely. Ask your cousin to sign up for our Market-Manager service, we can help the cousin find a spouse. This program is a very involved engagement where we do a 60-min assessment call to learn about your cousin and his/ her preferences. We will create and manage matrimonial profiles on their behalf on various matrimonial websites. We will search and identify a highly select list of prospective spouses to talk to saving your cousin all hassle of searching. We will have regular review calls to tell your cousin what we are upto behind the scenes and assess how things are going with the people we’ve already introduced him/ her to.

We generally recommend that you work with us for 6 months as it gives us enough time to make real progress. We do not accept registrations for less than 3 months. 

There are several reasons why you (whoever the “we” is) may not have been successful in finding suitable partners for this cousin. So I suggest that you ask your cousin to sign up with us on the Market-Advisor service. We will help assess what has worked for them and what has not in order to re-build their profiles on the various sites and also mentor them to hone their matrimonial search so they have better luck next time around.

No, unless, you are also looking to get married on their behalf. But, you can definitely send your friend, or whoever, a link to our website, so they can decide for themselves, if they’d like to register.

Have you been meeting potential partners for at least a year now, and you haven’t really liked anyone you’ve met? We would say either you’ve been meeting the wrong people, or you don’t really know what you want.

Now, if you don’t really know what you want, you could do some soul searching on your own or work with a mentor like Marriage Broker Auntie, to clearly identify your core values and partner preferences, so your matrimonial search becomes more effective. If you’ve been meeting the wrong people, then we’d say that we have a bigger problem that needs fixing. There are many many reasons why this could be happening, but it takes a bit of guided reflection before you can make any progress.

As market-advisors, we can help you reflect and analyse what’s worked and what hasn’t so far in the market. Together, we can re-build your approach to finding a partner so that you can be more successful in your partner search.

Yes, we do several things – We can help manage your profiles on various matrimonial apps. We understand it’s a pain to login every weekend and weed through a sea of really weird people to find your soulmate, especially when you have a busy job. We can even chat with potential partners on your behalf to weed out the “How was your day” type of crowd.

Now, if that’s too creepy for you, we understand. If you just want to chat with someone about your matrimonial search, have someone listen to you vent or act as a sounding board for you to analyse how a date went, we have something called a “Quickie”, which is a pay as you go service. This also gives you an opportunity to decide if you would like to register for any of the longer duration services.

Yes, that’s pretty much how this works. We are sort of like personal shoppers – You have to pay for the clothes you buy, as well as the service of shopping on your behalf.

First off, I’d say sign up with us when you want to get married. Yes, you. Not your mum or dad. There isn’t a particular age that I would recommend. But if you are at least 27, and you (or your family) have been actively looking for a partner for a year or more, but for some unknown reason(s), it’s just not been working out, you should consider reaching out to us. We can help make your matrimonial hunt more effective so you can spend more time being married to the love of your life than looking for him/ her. 

Unfortunately not. The discoveries you make or the people you meet with our help will stay with you forever, and no one can take that away.