We've paused intake of new clients for 2021. Please check back in 2022. Thank you.


Do you matchmake?

No, we do not matchmake. We are a matrimonial advisory and relationship coaching service only. If you’re a client of one of our programs that are 3 months or longer, we may occasionally make introductions, and they’re purely complimentary.

When do I sign up here?

That’s something for you to decide. Yes, you, and not your mum or dad. Whether you’re 23 or 32, if you’re considering getting into a long-term committed relationship that is right for you, then we recommend that you start by signing up on us.

How does matrimonial advisory help me in choosing a partner?

The only person who can choose a partner for you, is you yourself. We only enable you in making that decision on your own by providing customised market advisory and relationship coaching.  A couple of decades ago, getting married was fairly simple – your parents gave you a choice of a handful of carefully selected prospects, you met with them, picked one from the cohort and voila, you were married. But today, choosing a partner is neither this easy nor straight forward. There are plenty of dating and matrimonial apps to be on, an ever growing list of prospective partners to choose from and the increasing complexity of interactions to grapple with. 

Whether you are stuck at not getting enough matches, not being able to converse with any of them or struggling to build anything meaningful with anyone beyond a few texts or a date, we all could use some support and professional expertise along this journey. Having supported hundreds of people like you over the years, we’ve slowly built that expertise and a customised framework to provide you with meaningful support. When you’ve explored and defined your relationship values and aspirations with us, you are not only more confident of navigating dating and matrimonial apps, you’re well-equipped to choose a partner who is right for you. 

What are some of the questions you’ve helped answer?

The right one

I am sick and tired of looking for the right one.  What am I doing wrong?

I am not ready yet

I am on matrimonial apps but I’m not sure if I want to get married.

Coping with my past

I compare everyone to my ex. How do I stop doing that?

Boundaries with parents

I am struggling to align with my family on when and whom to marry.

Career Vs Marriage

Do I focus on my career or get married now – else it might be too late? 

Never been in a relationship

I haven’t been in a relationship so I’m unsure if my expectations are realistic.

Am I okay?

I don’t like the people who like me and the ones I like don’t like me back.


Why do I have to deal with so rejections and so much ghosting all the time?

Don't want this anymore

I am tired of the search. I may be better off just being single.

Can I speak with you first before signing up for your services?

Of course. We offer a 15-min paid consultation, which is a video-based call with our CEO & Founder, Priyanka Bharadwaj. You will have the opportunity to speak with us, and have all your questions answered before you pay for our services. 


Do you offer shorter-term engagements, such as a one-off 60-min consultation?

Unfortunately, we do not. Through our experience, we’ve learnt that on an average it takes 1-2 years to find a partner. Most of our clients engage with us one and off over a similar duration and they begin to make progress only after 4-5 sessions with us. Hence, we refrain from committing to making miracles happen over a 60-minute call. However, we do offer one-off sessions to our existing clients on a need-basis after the first 3 months of our engagement. 

I am a parent/ sibling of someone looking to get married. Can I sign up on their behalf?

No, we do not work with anyone apart from the person who is looking to get married. This is why our clients choose to work with us. However, if you are a parent/ sibling, you are free to share our website details with your son/ daughter/ sibling, so they can get in touch with us directly. 

Will I get my money back if I don’t find a partner at the end of the program?

Unfortunately not. The discoveries or the connections you make with our help will stay with you forever, and no one can take that away from you.