Personalised Advisory & Coaching


Be marriage-ready with a personal coach

Price: Rs. 21,000

Validity: 3 months

Navigating partner search while juggling a thriving career can be overwhelming. So, we’ve designed “The Marriage Material”, a 3-month customised program for successful professionals.

We help you explore and define your relationship values and aspirations. We help you build an effective partner search strategy, regularly follow your progress and help develop the confidence to build rich relationships that are right for YOU.

When you sign up with us, you get access to a personal coach who will be your confidant and mentor through this journey.

Why we do what we do

Finding a life partner isn’t easy, let alone building a healthy relationship with them. You may get caught up in pleasing parents, friends, society or succumb to an illusion of an ideal life partner, resulting in you being extremely unhappy in your marriages. Sometimes, the fear of failure may hold you back from even trying. 

You may also be struggling to prioritise romantic relationships whilst juggling a thriving career. You may want to have a well-thought out strategy, a concrete action plan and you may want some support in staying focussed on achieving your relationship dreams.

Your family and friends may lend you a supportive shoulder, advise you based on their own experience or comfort you when the journey gets exhausting. But sooner or later, they may start to feel frustrated, project their anxieties on you, you may no longer have an unbiased support system and your confidence may dip when you need it the most.

At Marriage Broker Auntie, we want to be that friend who offers a relentless shoulder, a mentor who guides you through the process of discovering your relationship values and aspirations, and a coach who enables you in making progress in your romantic relationships. 

How our engagements are structured

When you sign up for “The Marriage Material” program, we customise it for you. You will begin to see the results of working with us by the second or third session itself, but the aim of the program is to help you achieve your relationship aspirations, and so we don’t stop until we’ve achieved that to your satisfaction. Your commitment and consistent efforts is paramount to what you will gain from this program.

Once you’ve completed the program, you may choose to top up with one-off sessions to discuss specific issues on a need-basis, in which case you pay as you go after the first 3 months. We strongly discourage renewals or extensions unless we jointly deem it absolutely necessary.

We only work with people who are looking to get married, and not the parents, siblings or other representatives. We do not matchmake or make introductions unless it is part of one of our exclusive members only events, that are organised occasionally. 

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Have more questions?

We offer a 15-min paid consultation session. You may speak with us, have your questions answered and assess if “The Marriage Material” program is the right fit for you before you sign up. This 15-min video-based 1:1 session comes with no strings attached. You are free to continue our engagement or not after this call.