Self-Paced Programs

Our self-paced programs have been designed with the intention of providing a high level overview, and direction to get you started with your partner-search journey. These programs do not address nuanced or specific situations that some of you may be experiencing. These are most definitely addressed in our personalised advisory programs.


 Building a healthy relationship with someone starts with building one with yourself. A rich understanding and acceptance of self can do wonders to your relationship with a loved one.


Finding the right one to spend the rest of your life is overwhelming, let alone knowing where to begin. We meticulously take you through the process of navigating partner search.

Watch our Q&A series on arranged marriages where we answer the most commonly asked questions by people who are navigating the same relationship journey as you.

Choosing a life partner is an important decision, with a profound impact on our future. Our partner choices are shaped by family, friends, past experiences and the society at large. While trying to optimise for all, sometimes, it’s easy to miss optimising this decision for ourselves. As a result, we may end up in unfulfilling relationships. 

At Marriage Broker Auntie, we strongly believe that everyone deserves to be in fulfilling relationships. 

A healthy marriage is an outcome of a series of intentional choices made everyday, starting from who we choose as our life-partners. Towards that end, we provide 1:1 advisory to single professionals in enabling them to choose their life-partners more mindfully, with a focus on their own values and aspirations.

Over the years of consulting 1:1 with our clients, we have developed a unique program that provides you with a personalised framework in choosing relationships that are right for YOU. We are able to support you in a time-efficient manner through a combination of specially designed self-exploration worksheets and in-depth conversations. If you have already tried our self-paced programs, and want to go that extra mile in terms of gaining clarity and making progress in your partner-search, then you might just be ready for our personalised advisory program.