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Paid memberships

Published by Priyanka on

I’ve seen tonnes of negative reviews of matrimonial sites. The more people spend on them, the more disappointed they feel. While matrimonial sites are a great place to start your search, here are 5 things you must know before you get a paid membership, so you don’t hate on the product or the service for the wrong reasons:

You do not get access to more profiles

While services like Elite Matrimony or VIP Shaadi may give you access to an exclusive database (let’s say 10-20% of your leads), mid-tier (assisted and select) or basic packages (gold/diamond/premium) do not give you access to more profiles. The members you see as free members on these platforms is what you get access to even as a paid member, unless of course your matches have selected options such as “show my profile only to premium members”. Getting a basic paid membership that is in the Rs. 1000-Rs.6000 range (for 3 months) gives you unlimited access to in-app chat and contact information of limited matches (75-200). Some of these packages even promise to “highlight” your profile in searches, personally, I haven’t seen it make any difference. But the one thing you will not get from a basic package is access to new profiles.

Different matrimonial sites work differently for different people

Just because your neighbour found a match on Bharatmatrimony does not mean you’ll find a match on the same website. Your profile could do better on Shaadi or Jeevansathi. There is only one way to find out – trial and error. While these websites have profiles from all over the world, the databases tend to represent the demographic where these companies are headquartered. Not just that, there is a lot more that goes into why a certain website may work better for you. Best way to figure out which one works for you is by signing up on all of the big ones at once, and watching the performance for a month or two before you upgrade to a paid membership on one of them.

There are heavy discounts on prices

These websites run heavy discounts on their paid membership packages. The discounts range from 15%-85%, and they are usually a function of how likely you are to continue staying on these websites. The more illiquid your profile is, the higher the discount you will be offered. If you’re awesome, then no discount for you. But hey, you can always bargain your way through this if you’ve the time or patience to chat up some customer support person. That way, these guys have quite a bit of leeway in terms of giving away discounts which makes for a great customer experience.

You get what you pay for

You could go to the most enthusiastic aunty in your family, but she’ll probably introduce you to a handful of people. Relevant or not depends really on how well the aunty knows you or how well connected she is. If you say “No” 2-3times in a row, she likely won’t come back to you with a 4th prospect. She has no incentive to do so. She doesn’t charge you any money because she has no skin in the game, rather she doesn’t want any. She won’t put her credibility at stake for you. There are no boundaries with her – whether that’s a good or a bad thing is hard to say. On the other hand, a matrimonial website charges you say 6K, gives you access to their entire database without hovering around you to make a decision. Okay well, they do hover until you’ve bought a paid membership, but there are ways to deal with the spam. There’s also assisted or VIP services which are priced higher. This is not because you’ll get access to more people, they’re essentially saving you the trouble of dealing with noise on these platforms. They’re charging you for time saved. This is a level of service you will never get with 6K, because there are tens of thousands of people like you on this platform. So, it’s important that you understand what service will be most valuable for you and know exactly what you are paying for.

They won’t make to order

Matrimonial websites are social discovery platforms. People get discovered, they don’t get manufactured. If you aren’t having any luck finding matches on these apps for a few years, despite your best attempts, it’s most likely because the person you are looking for doesn’t exist on these platforms, or would never be here. You only have to choose from the ones that are “readily available”.