Mysore is like Bangalore’s innocent sibling. Every Gen-X Bangalorean’s dream is to retire off in Mysore, although most of them would never do it. Once you get used to the faster pace of life in Bangalore, it’s hard to appreciate the calm in Mysore. I hear Mysore’s no longer as calm as it used to be, but its’ still 20 years behind Bangalore for sure. According to my folks, people from Mysore are generally more cultured, traditional and all that compared to Bangaloreans. Smaller town, lower exposure, so fair enough.

Today, I was randomly stalking people on a matrimonial site because you know, market research and all. I started by filtering “Kannada Brahmin” boys who had created their own profiles, mostly because it’s familiar territory. It was interesting to see that 10% of the people were divorced/ awaiting divorce. And what was more interesting was – at least 20% of them hail from Mysore or have ancestral origin there. Shit! What will my parents say now?

With absolutely no further information, I want to list a bunch of hypothesis that could have caused this trend:

  • Random coincidence?
  • They were married to women from Bangalore, who were too forward for these innocent boys. No?
  • Given that a lot of them had listed themselves as only sons and their mums being homemakers, could it be possible they are all mamas boys, and had trouble getting along with other women?
  • May be these boys went to forin and lost off their culture
  • Wait, no! Could Mysore boys indeed be not so paavam? Ussho!
  • Only people from smaller towns like Mysore or random edge cases like very desi NRIs still use traditional matrimonial websites, causing the data to be skewed

Whether from Mysore or not, most of us don’t know shit about staying married till we get married. First of all, we choose partners based on some frivolous criteria that has little to no relevance in a marriage. Once married, we are confronted with the reality of living with someone we know very little about and loose our shit. Blame media, blame social conditioning, blame your spouse, or some random matrimonial site/ app, but at some point, you’ll need to pause and take a hard look at yourself and ask yourself how prepared you were to be hit by this tornado called “marriage”.

A relationship is a bunch of actions followed by reactions, and a massive network effect from their on all aspects of your life. Unless you were aware of this, you are bound to ask yourself at least once through your marriage why you ever bothered getting married. If you find yourself asking this question everyday, then there’s no doubt you’ll get divorced at some point. So, the only thing you need to do to not end up divorced, is to know that you’ll never know everything there is to know before you make this decision. If you have what it takes to deal with the unknown and the unpleasant, jump. Else, wait.

But, if its already too late for you, and you happen to be from Mysore, write to me. For doubting your paavamness, I’ll give you a discount on any of the services on Marriage Broker Auntie.