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The (bro)ker code

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Although I started off as a “broker” arranging marriages, Marriage Broker Auntie no longer brokers marriages. It is a market strategy service for those looking to get married. It is a relationship coaching program. It’s going to be much more over time, but the name “Marriage Broker Auntie” lives on because it is a brand that represents the intention to help people build healthy relationships.

I am very passionate about what I do, and I get very deeply involved in the details of all stories my clients tell me, and root for their success in love and relationships always. I always say, once an auntie, always an auntie. It doesn’t matter if someone signs up for a one-off session or a 3 month program, I watch out for them always. So, it’s only natural that I expect similar warmth from my clients, in return.

So, for those of you who are ever blessed with the opportunity to work with a mentor in the market, you must know that the love is conditional on the following:

  1. Keep me informed: No, I am not talking about 24/7 news channel level updates. If I set you up with someone and you either like/ don’t like this person, I’d love for you to come tell me about it, especially before I have to come ask you myself. There was once this uncle, who I decided to help by introducing him to a potential groom for his daughter. They met, the girl needed time to think and eventually went back and told the boy that she thought their personalities didn’t match and hence, did not want to take things forward. I found out about all this from the boy, who quite sweetly kept me posted. The uncle on the other hand, went completely MIA – didn’t respond to my texts, didn’t answer/ return my calls and quite honestly, it was so disappointing. Not cool.
  2. If you’re no longer in the market, let me know: No, you don’t have to invite me for your wedding. But if you’ve signed up with me, you know it’s a lifetime membership of sorts when it comes to Marriage Broker Auntie. So, if you get out of the market, do let me know else I’ll keep spamming you. There was once this girl who replied all on an email when I introduced her to a guy in the market announcing that she is no longer single. Forget my embarrassment, imagine how the poor chap felt. Sigh.
  3. I got bills to pay too: Sure, I am super passionate about what I do and I am almost always available in any relationship crisis, but I need money too. It’s give and take, you pay me, I mentor you. Simple enough? Don’t go MIA on me when you are asked to pay. More than 50% of the sign ups on Marriage Broker Auntie are incomplete as they never get past the last bit where they need to pay for a service. If you really cannot afford the service but are in desperate need of it, write me a note, I am happy to write that time off as charity. But, don’t run away.
  4. My time is as important as yours: As a coach, I charge people for the time I invest in them as a proxy for their commitment. I don’t keep track of the time I invest, but that doesn’t mean my time’s cheap. It means I am committed to your cause. If you and I are not able to accomplish what we’ve collectively set out to achieve in 5-6 sessions, I consider both your time and my time wasted. Hence, I always come prepared for all my sessions and would appreciate the same from you. I am merely a facilitator, I don’t tell you what to do, but I guide you in realising what you already know, but allow me to take you on this journey. So, this means, sometimes you have to just listen.

These are just 4 simple things that are part of the bro(ker) code. If you can, try and respect them when you work with a professional to help you build a meaningful relationship in life. 

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