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Virtual Dating

Published by Priyanka on

The great thing about technology is that it opens up your social network quite a bit and allows you to date someone at the other end of the world. Sustaining a long-distance relationship over an extended period is quite hard but it’s still a great way to meet someone. Whether you are away from home or you live in a small city, meeting like minded people can be challenging. So, making virtual dates work is an essential skill to have. So, here are 5 easy steps you can follow to both set up dates and follow through

1. Cast your net far and wide

If you really care about meeting someone interesting, then it’s quite likely that they aren’t living next door to you (unless you are Penny from Big Bang theory). So you want to explore people who live in other cities, especially if you are open to moving or if the other person is (you can tell based on their ideas of travel and life) because they are likely willing to make something work if they’re invested in you. Don’t let physical boundaries bog you down, the internet makes the world a little village today.

2. Invest in travel

Invest in travel if you really want to give something a chance, don’t hope to tie the knot virtually too. If you ever happen to be in a city you know you could meet someone interesting, prep for your travel by either finding yourself a date beforehand or by making plans to meet friends/ family who could help the cause. A lot of people I know get trapped in this ping pong of “Oh, I travelled all the way last time, they should make an effort this time if they want to”, and it’s not always fair but you want to strike the fine balance between being lenient vs being in denial.

3. Stay connected

Now, you don’t need to spend all your time and money on travelling to meet people every weekend. There’s texting, audio and video calling at practically no cost, so make use of this technology. Technology is so powerful that it transcends distance like never before. Staying connected is a way of saying you are interested. If someone is not making any effort to stay connected, likely they aren’t interested. People can go on dating for years without getting even a step closer to making a decision because it’s easy to trail off when in a long-distance arranged setup. So, it’s doubly important to stay connected, have a routine (although boring) and be consistent.

4. Get Creative

Although having a routine helps you sustain a healthy relationship, it’s important to get creative once in a while. Who says you need to hold hands and walk by the shore to be romantic. A candle light dinner on Skype can be just as romantic. Put each other to sleep after a tiring day of work, or play an online game together. The more creative you can get, the more fun you’ll have getting to know each other. It’s okay if you don’t have any ideas on your own, go research on the internet, there are hundreds of people like me to give you ideas.

5. Lock it down

Although it’s hard to hold someone’s hand and have a meaningful conversation, it’s important to let the other person know how you feel. It’s important to be as open and explicit as you can about how you feel. If you have this urge to take things to the next level, you must say so as early as you can because when you are seeing someone virtually, it’s easy to be distracted by other things or people. Time doesn’t always help build relationships, so it’s important to speak up when it feels right for you. If the other person doesn’t feel the same way yet, but you feel the strong urge to make it work with them, then you should look to move to where this person is. Now, if that feels like too extreme a step, it’s probably not worth it.

Simple enough? 

If your folks have been bugging you to meet someone at the other end of the world, give it a shot. These simple steps will surely help you get half the way and the rest is just your charm and luck. If not, there’s always Marriage Broker Auntie.