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Profile picture protocol

Published by Priyanka on

First impressions are really important, especially so in the arranged marriage market. 

The moment you are introduced to someone in the market, the first order of business is them stalking your internet presence. You will be judged on every tiny detail you have floating around on the internet, even before they talk to you. Most judgements are made based on images – how you look, how your looks have progressed over time, what you wear, how you wear it, who you hang out with and so on. 

Shallow, superficial and unfair you think? Maybe. But that’s how this works. So you better accept it and do the needful.

If you had to start tidying up your online social presence, I would absolutely start with your profile picture – be it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or WhatsApp. Surely you don’t get called out for having a terrible profile picture on social media unlike on a dating app, but if you are unsure about how you fare on your profile picture, rate yourself against the following principles –

  1. You have your own photo, and not that of your favourite actor or animal. 
  2. You have a solo picture of yourself
  3. You don’t have a picture with a baby, not your niece, or nephew. You may think the picture is cute, but carrying a baby ages you in the picture when unintended. 
  4. You could show cleavage, but at your own risk. 
  5. You aren’t making a funny face unless it’s been voted as genuinely cute by sufficient number of people. Because how would someone know it isn’t because you are just specially abled?

Having to worry about outer appearance when we’ve got so much more within is a pity. But the market is such that we make judgements about the most obvious visible things about a person due to lack of any other information. While it seems quite superficial, its fairly logical. Being in the market makes us realise that our society is so flawed. Quite often, we ourselves succumb to making such outright judgements about others, so why don’t we put some lipstick on our pretty piggy faces instead of whining about how the world works, huh?