The best part about Marriage Broker Auntie for me is the stories I have the privilege to listen to, personal thoughts that I am privy to, and sometimes, if I am lucky, I get to stir up a poet in some hopeless romantic. This one is called “What kind of a fighter am I”, which was written by someone in response to me saying that fighting is an inevitable part of every relationship and so, it’s important to be aware of what kind of fighters we are. I read it, and I loved it. It’s simple, yet says so much without really saying much.


I think I am a fighter whose prime premise is that the other person is rational too and that a logical argument should win. I admit, this is not always true in a fight that involves relationships. 

I like to be sarcastic in fights and have often tipped over a fight to serious just because I used words which I shouldn’t have. 

I feel the physical bits, like making food, putting a blanket on her while she’s asleep etc shouldn’t stop just because we are fighting. 

I feel super hurt for no reason and expect the other person to go to great lengths to make up. 

If fights could have a intended decision at the end of it, that’s great. If its a passive aggressive tension in the air kind of fight, that’s scary. 

Fights shouldn’t interfere with work or the broader family or how we are with friends.

Both of us should have the ability to push a fight to later so as to not spoil a special event, planned outing, milestone etc. 

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