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Fifty Shades of Grey

Published by Priyanka on

I finally managed to watch 50 shades of Grey. I had heard a lot about this movie and how it had managed to sell BDSM even to the Radha Bais of Rajajinagar, so you can imagine my expectations from the movie. The movie starts with a naive looking girl walking into some young and dashing businessman’s office to interview him for a school paper on behalf of her roommate, which ends in the guy lusting over her within the first 5 minutes. They lost me right there but my opportunity cost was fairly low on a Friday evening and I watched on anyway.

The hero goes on to pursue this girl with his bossy/ pushy nature and the girl, being a virgin has no qualms about being pushed around. Agreed that I am getting old and hence, I can be super cynical about all this dreamy mushy stuff, but when a scene builds up into this super powerful guy taking a virgin on his own private helicopter for their first date and Adele’s Love me like you do bursts off in the background, it really kills your buzz. If I were 15 and lame, maybe I would buy into the limitless possibility of meeting a man who’d do the same for me, but now that I’m almost double that age, I can assure you that this is purely fictitious.

Anyway, the movie is about this guy being a closet sadist (in bed) and a control freak. I think this is supposed to be a commercial attempt to feed the fantasies of thousands of women who desire to be with a man in control and test them to see if that’s truly what they desire and if it’s really what they’d enjoy if handed to them. Personally, I thought the portrayal was fairly literal, leaving very little to the imagination and hence, tasteless from a storytelling perspective. On the subject itself, I as a lay person, can’t claim to have understood anything at all about BDSM from the movie.

I constantly kept thinking, why did Grey have to be this super rich guy? Why couldn’t he just be an ordinary guy with control issues and weird sexual fantasies? Wouldn’t that still qualify as BDSM? Do you necessarily need to have a dedicated “play room” with fancy equipment? Does it have to be so obvious? or was the question just, would you put up with any amount of shit just because the guy is rich?

Anyway, moral of the story is the chances of you being swooped away by some super rich dude in his helicopter is close to zero (sorry to kill your dreams really, but thats the true) and you walking away from that is even lower, so they’d rather have named the movie fifty shades of fantasy.