IMG_7223 I’d to put this picture featuring my proud husband because he finally thinks of Marriage Broker Auntie as a real job and not an excuse to spend endless hours chatting or stalking random people on the internet. ;)[/caption]

For the last one week, I’d been advised to be on bed rest by my doctor but that couldn’t stop me from attending the engagement ceremony of Viggy and Neha, Marriage Broker Auntie’s very first successful match, in its new avatar. As we wished this beautiful couple, took the customary photograph and exited the stage, Viggy’s mum said “Thank you so much, you made my life so much easier”. This was followed by a few aunties hushing “Pushpa Nandish alli illi yellakade inda nodadrunu aaglilla, yuvr mediation inda ne match fix aagiddu” translating to “Despite going to traditional marriage bureaus such as Pushpa Nandish (popular matchmaker in the Lingayat community), the match was finally mediated by this person aka Marriage Broker Auntie”. I couldn’t hold my giggles of pride. It felt so good to hear these aunties look at me with such awe, almost making me feel like the name of the brand justified its purpose. The joy I felt looking at this happy couple and relieved families (given that it was intra-caste, the families managed to find several mutual connections leaving them reassured!) was well worth the time I spent setting these two up.

An orkut testimonial wouldn’t do justice to how well I’ve known Viggy through his peak years (lol!). You know how people say, I’ll know my soulmate when I meet him/ her. I could say that on behalf of my clients once I get to know them well (pretty big claim I know). Besides being a client, Viggy is also a good friend and so I didn’t need him to ever tell me what kind of a girl he wanted to marry. Actually, I am not sure if I could even pen down attributes to such a girl because this knowledge was internalized. When I initially set him up with Neha, I just provided him with all the logistical details (Basic biodata, social links, etc.) and insisted that he speak to her before all the other women he was window shopping in the market back in February. I couldn’t say then if Neha would be the one he’d marry, but I surely felt the two would get along well enough to at least consider. On the other hand, I’d known Neha for just as long but in a shallower capacity as this good kid who was one of my younger sister’s close friends. So, despite getting enough dope on Neha from my sister and her friends, I insisted on talking to Neha myself. After a few conversations with Neha, my instinct to introduce Viggy to her grew stronger. Again, don’t ask me was just a gut feeling.

Anyway, I am really glad Viggy and Neha trusted my gut feeling and took the plunge to be introduced and to get to know each other, else I wouldn’t have enjoyed that delicious meal at their engagement on Sunday! 😉 In all honesty, there is really no perfect person or soulmate for anyone, its all about what we make of relationships that come our way. Although my job was really only to identify two people who would easily connect, respect and like each other enough to consider a life long partnership, the rest is for Viggy and Neha to figure out. I had my success the moment the two of them thought this match was worth a second date/ conversation. This engagement and wedding is merely a cherry on the cake!

P.S – It took me nearly 3 years to find Viggy his woman because I take my time. So, if Marriage Broker auntie hasn’t been able to help you in the last one month or so, don’t lose hope. I eventually come around. 😀

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