Swipe right on the mother-in-law?

Published by Priyanka on

Marriage Broker Auntie has pretty much always had the opposite mix of genders when compared to matrimonial/ dating apps in the market – more women than men. I have several hypotheses on why more women feel enthused by the idea of Marriage Broker Auntie than men. Today, I am going to tell you about my latest hypothesis – very few boys end up being primary decision makers when it comes to the matrimonial market, it’s usually their mothers who take the call and push for a final decision to be made by the boy. It is true.

The men who have signed up on Marriage Broker Auntie are definitely opinionated, strong and independent decision makers.  I get several calls from aunties who want to get their sons married and I am always open to it because it helps increase my options for matches. God knows what little algorithm these aunties run but they are great in terms of giving me a decisive “Yes/ No” for a recommendation, that too in a very timely manner.

However, I always insist that I talk to their wards because my business is based on a personality fit and there’s no way for me to know that without talking to the horses themselves. But, I see some hesitation from their end to stop playing gatekeeper. I used to misunderstand that as being overprotective but the intervention is really only to minimise transaction cost.

If these boys were capable of making their own decisions, they would’ve made some decisions on their own even before parental intervention. Sure, sometimes things don’t work out but these boys end up adopting the motto of “when in doubt, postpone”, which further fosters inability to make sound decisions. 

By breathing down the son’s neck, the mothers ensure that the decision is taken sooner than later because beyond a certain age, market value is inversely proportional to age. So, in order to tap boys like this, I am forced to reach out to these gatekeeping mothers which results in me doing an atte-sose (mother-in-law daughter-in-law) match rather than a boy girl match because the boy’s mother tends to be the one who ushers the boy to make decisions. Now, I am not going to sit and judge these boys as mamma’s boys. Its for you girls to go figure out!