The world doesn’t need another dating app

Published by Priyanka on

Most internet businesses such as uber, airbnb, amazon, housejoy, etc. solve for liquidity. You’re looking to go from point A to B and a car willing to make this trip will transport you quite easily with the assumption that this car will get another customer at point B soon enough (this is taken care of as volumes shoot up). This is a rather generic marketplace and hence, having several businesses operating in the same space only increases liquidity for the end customer. Imagine if Uber or Ola had filters for the exact model of car, type of upholstery, music in the car, drivers communication skill level, driver’s phone model and the likes of this, it would be harder to find a cab quickly. This is exactly why modern day dating websites don’t solve the liquidity problem.

Every time I discuss running a matchmaking service, people suggest that I start up and build an app. When I roll with the idea, the very next thing I’m asked about is how I’d make the matches and what my USP would be. So, here’s the thing – I don’t intend to match them based on their kula gotra or interests as the former is mostly irrelevant to our generation and the latter is ever changing. According to me, the best way to go about it is to lock up all the single people in the world in one space and let them pick based on their current state of mind. My job would only be to create that space where they can be locked up since who am I to say who gets to be locked up.

Finding a partner or just a date is a such a niche need that most of these match-making sites or dating apps are super customised to target just one segment of the single population in the market. So, if likes are supposed to repel, you are destined to not find a partner in an app where you are the target segment. So, having several such sites that are customised for specific audience further reduces liquidity. Having learnt the benefit of pooling from operations, I can only say that populating the world with more such sites will only further decrease the probability of finding a mate.