Having found limited opportunities back home for the internship, I have been less hopeful about moving back after I graduate although I am hoping against hope hopen that there will be a miracle by next year. I’d do anything to work back home but not at the cost of being unable to fulfil my financial obligations. Hence, with less than a year to graduate, my husband and I have started to discuss about where we could possibly build our next home. Knowing that both our hearts lie back home, anywhere we choose to live would be temporary. While it is going to be temporary, it better be worth giving up the opportunity to move back home. Sounds too demanding? May be not.
If I were to pass of the comfort of being in the city I love (Bangalore), it better be a city I like. According to my childhood friend, love is when you cannot justify your unconditional acceptance of something or someone and like is when you can actually justify it with valid explanations/ evidence. There are some cities that are universally considered as great cities to live in since they are foreign friendly like New York, London or Singapore since average opinion about these cities is quite unbiased given its diminishing indigenous population. These cities are likeable because of basic quality of life one could lead – English speaking, good public transport, world cuisine, connectivity to the rest of the world, diverse population filling every social economic strata making it more immigrant friendly.
Think about this like an extra marital fling. If you were to have a fling, you’d not go after something that you thought was only going to be an average experience (I don’t mean to say these things are planned necessarily). Only if you were going to get an adrenaline rush out of it, you would go after it, else it wouldn’t be worth it, right? If you did have an “average” fling, it was probably a terrible decision made when drunk (It is a terrible decision anyway, but still). Why would any rational human being pass off the comfort of a long term relationship for the pleasure of one drunken evening? Unless, you are adventurous and indifferent to where your impulsive actions take you (this is most commonly known as “living it up”), I’d say, it’s a safe bet to make a long term investment in a gene propagating partner or a place you’d like to call home.