These two concepts belong to 2 different planes altogether. So, it makes no sense to make any comparison between them.Head drives and heart gets driven around in arranged love, where as its the other way round in love.
In case of wheel drive like in the Fortuner, one can afford to let 2 wheels driven by head and 2 by heart.
I think i’ll try and put theory on how comparisons make life difficult. Impact is definitely equally high on both parties. Suppose one party has been there done that and the other has never been there and wants to DO that, then its a very sticky situation. It takes effort on both parties to make it work.
The experienced party tends to compare every situation making it very difficult for the fresher to cope up. The expectations are quite high and in order to live up to that to ensure sustainability, fresher keeps trying really hard. One, its quite taxing on the fresher and secondly, there are reasonable chances of messing this up big time and eventually leaving the fresher regretting about trying so hard in the first place. Then, fresher starts evaluating if it was worth it or not, etc.
Experienced is in tune to looking for an equally experienced candidate because its generally scales down the profit levels to have an inexperienced person working with you, but you can take that risk if you are running a charitable organisation or a personality development class or if you just genuinely believe that the fresher has potential and the cost and benefits even out into a no profit no loss situation that the experienced can afford at this point of time. Tremendous effort on the experienced party’s part to lower expectations so much and work from scratch, but a good learning experience nevertheless. Experienced will however have a benchmark that will remain until the fresher gears up and just demolishes the benchmark and makes one on his own.
Greatest fear : If the fresher doesn’t reach the benchmark, firing will happen and naturally when a position is vacant, recruitment ought to happen.
But, this will just tire the experienced because recruitment means considerable time and energy investment. Due to recession and lack of time etc, recruitment can be hard at this stage. So, best returns out of available man power seems like the most lucrative option. Then again, if you have the best arranged louvvu candidate, that in itself is a benchmark that will put pressure on the following recruitment. So its a series of benchmarks, one falling short of the other. Such are life. Sigh.

One thought on “Louvvu Love v/s Arranged Love”

  1. i think experience or the lack of it is only a boundary condition, especially for quick learners! so even if you find someone without much experience, but belief that they’ll learn quickly, you should go ahead and recruit. they’ll come fresh and without any preconceived notions that experienced hires can bring in.

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