This is turning out to be like a relationship between the nucleus and the electron in the inner most orbit.
But, strangely the current is flowing even though this particular electron ain’t responsible for it.
I always wondered why these people in movies got cold feet just before marriage, because for me, it always seemed like the most natural thing to do. Jusht like how you get promoted from UKG to 1st standard, once you are done with UG or PG depending on your enthu or circumstances in life, you just get married. Almost everybody does. Only recently, i have discovered how significant and serious this transition is. It changes a lot of things. There are basically two possibilities, either the electron remains in the inner most shell or magically jumps to the conduction band and puts escape. The divorce rates these days are quite high considering how little patience people have nowadays.
Tharkaris are like electrons, they are on +1/2 spin before madhuve and after madhuve, become -1/2. So,just like how the state of an electron is determined by a set of quantum numbers, even a tharkari can be evaluated in terms of several parameters. Looks, intelligence, niceness, smartness, coolness, whatever (depending on what you lack and hence, are looking for those things in order to find the ‘better half’)
Yes, Better Half. You almost always look for the better half in your tharkaris. All the things you think are missing in you, you try to find in the other person. A +1/2 always tries to find a -1/2. That’s probably the origin of opposites attract. Just like how physicists tried extending Newton’s classical theories to astrophysics, we humans always try to relate everything we see around, to our lives. But unlike physicists, we succeed in the extension, but miserably fail in its interpretation.

One thought on “n=0 ; l=0 ; ml = 0 ; ms = +1/2”

  1. More than a finding an equal and opposite, I would probably think it was ideal to find something where there is some basis for compatibility, i.e. a similarity in at least some aspect, so instead of a +1/2 finding a -1/2 or vice-versa, a +1/2 may try to find a -1/3 or some such,maybe a change of quark?,to continue with the physics metaphor?

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