She walked. He walked along.
She’s rather have him walk and she walked along.
He in a crisp white shirt.
She in hers.
Just the sound of their footsteps,
ruffling in the rain water.
The sounds of the rain heavier.
They hold hands to jump across a puddle,
sticky hands, from humidity.
But cold as a hammer head.
They slip and fall.
Side by side.
Splashing rain water on each other.
She giggles.
He laughs.
Their heads fell backwards,
the rain grew harder
their faces not fighting the rain
They look at each other
The smile grows smaller
into something unfamiliar
yet something they’d longed for
She looked at him examining carefully..
dripping in rain..yet some familiar warmth beneath.
He looked at her..
her wet hair sticking to the sides of her face.
He brushes it behind her ear.
Oh..she knew.
He bends forward.
She freezes.
She doesn’t move an inch..
neither forward nor backward.
She closes her eyes
So tight that her mental image
doesnt influence visual one.
It rained harder
He came closer
His grip on her grew firmer.
Despite his hands slipping being wet.
And it was time.
Yes, there was chaos.
For a brief moment.