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Struggling with partner search?

Transform your relationship journey
with a personal coach.

If you’ve embarked on the journey of finding love, and want to build an enriching relationship that is right for you, we help you in navigating partner search by providing advisory and coaching services, so you can go get what you want, on your own. 

Our Mission

Finding a life partner isn’t easy – matrimonial and dating apps may offer you an endless array of prospective partners, but how do you know if you’re making progress in your pursuit? Is constantly worrying about it, progress? Does swiping 30 times a day count? How about going on 2 dates a week? Does any of this bring you closer to finding a great partner? 

At M.B.A., we’ve been through this journey hundreds of times, and we understand what progress means.

That’s why we can enable you in making progress, and bringing you one step (if not several) closer than anything ever did. We help you in gaining clarity, enable you in making informed choices every step of the way and keep you focussed on your aspirations so you can make real progress in your relationship journey. We are here as an unbiased and non-judgemental friend to cheer you on.

Started in 2013 as India’s first matrimonial advisory service, we’re proud to have helped hundreds of successful professionals across the globe in creating and realising their relationship aspirations. 


I am Priyanka Bharadwaj,

Founder & CEO of M.B.A.

Finding a great life partner is as much about meeting the right person as it is about being ready for marriage. When you’re ready, the Universe conspires with you in making you meet the right people. I coach professionals in being ready for one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

I enable you in exploring and defining your relationship values and aspirations, building an effective strategy for partner search and developing the confidence to make progress in building relationships that are right for YOU. 

What clients say after working with us...

The best part was how quickly I was put at ease discussing my relationship woes with a new person. Priyanka was on my team from that get go and that made it all the more easy to open up without the fear of judgement or awkwardness.

Manager, India

What worked for me was being able to talk to someone who would get me. The process was going nowhere with my family, so thanks to M.B.A., there is some sense of direction. The comfort level and attention to detail were standouts.

Engineer, Netherlands

Not only did Priyanka help me find my partner, she was constantly listening to my apprehensions, and gave me much needed advice. A lot of what she told me made a huge impact and helped me make one of the biggest decisions of my life.

Lawyer, Canada

Working with Priyanka reminded me of “Mirror”, a poem by Sylvia Plath – like clearing the knots, putting words to thoughts which hovered around and stitching them to make sense. She pushed me to think in different ways.

Data Scientist, India

Thank you for the conversations, and helping me break down my experience. A part of me was still holding onto that relationship, but after our chat I am feeling much better and finally feel like I have let go.

VC Investor, India

Priyanka’s approach towards tailoring my matrimonial profiles and search criteria was pretty effective. Partner search can be overwhelming and when you find a trusted partner to navigate the process, the relief is inexplicable.

Engineer, USA

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